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The Novalis Ubuntu Institute’s Personal Development Programme 2017 – Thrive by Balancing Your Inner Masculine and Feminine By Loraine Magda


The Novalis Ubuntu Institute’s Personal Development Programme will run during March, April and May from 2017.  During these three months, we will offer a broad variety of holistic personal development workshops.  The vision for the Personal Development Programme is that it will offer participants the opportunity to learn, the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals and the opportunity to be part of a dynamic learning community.

The below article was written by Loraine Magda.  If you are interested in balancing your inner masculine feminine, we are delighted to let you know that Loraine will be offering the – ‘Journey to Balance: Discover how you can thrive by balancing your Inner Masculine and Feminine’ workshop as part of The Novalis Ubuntu Institute’s Personal Development Programme.  We will keep you updated as to dates via our website calendar, blog page and the Personal Development @ Novalis Facebook Page.


Thrive by Balancing Your Inner Masculine and Feminine

By Loraine Magda


Ever wondered what it means to balance your inner feminine and masculine or yin and yang? And how you might go about this? Each of us has a masculine and feminine side of our nature such as head and heart; logic and intuition; reasoning and feeling; being outward and active or inward and receptive.  And that’s just the start.

As we begin to recognize these aspects in ourselves it soon becomes apparent that when they operate in a dynamic state of balance and harmony, we thrive. That is when we are in the flow of life.

As “a spirit having a human experience”, each of us at our core has the same balance and harmony of masculine and feminine energies that occurs in Source, the universal intelligence.  I believe our journey is to uncover our true nature and bring it into full expression. As one near-death experiencer put it: “We are God getting to know God through us”.

We are now entering a new era that transcends the imbalances of the past which were most recently expressed as a widespread dominance of masculine energy. The new era represents the balance and harmony of both complementary opposite energies. It seeks to bring out the best in both and create outcomes greater than the sum of the parts by utilizing the natural synergies between them.

It is time to claim our inner balance and become co-creators of the change we wish to see in our lives and in the world, what the new era is calling for.


Loraine Magda, author of The Law of Balance: Thrive by Balancing Your Inner Masculine and Feminine (2016, will share her wisdom from over four decades of personal research and experience. Loraine has identified ten benefits of balance that will positively affect you, your relationships, your work, your leadership, your spiritual development and your contribution to a better world – just by being who you are.




Loraine Magda is a transformational author, speaker and coach. She assists individuals to become more balanced and attain specific desired outcomes such as enhancing relationships, attracting a soul mate, life purpose, becoming more assertive and attaining work-life balance among others. She also works with business leaders by enhancing their leadership effectiveness through inner balance.

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