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A Letter From Hazel Carey To The Ubuntu Team


 Hazel Carey and Neil Henderson at The Novalis Ubuntu Institute.
Dear Anne-Lise,
My greetings at EasterTide to you and the Ubuntu Team.  I feel humble and full of gratitude that I formed part of an inspiration day.  A day when human rights were in focus.  A day which brought the rainbow nation somewhat together. A day which brought a fuller understanding to me as to what Ubuntu in fact means.
Novalis Ubuntu has been holding the spirit of Ubuntu for the last 33 years, and it is something that you Anne-Lise can be truly proud of.  For the launch to be held in such a bold and charming venue that came alive with each happening.  It made me think of the day as a sacred promenade theatre performance.  One interesting scenario unfolding into the next with such aplomb that the production seemed seamless. Thank you very much indeed to all who made it so delightful.
What comes to mind about the Ubuntu Team, that is: Anne-Lise, Zwai, Lucille, David, Marianne, Zephne, Elfire, and Hazel; all have been planting Ubuntu seeds in each others own particular and magical way, somewhere on the planet. Therefore as we came together placing our gardens alongside each others, an allotment filled with  fruits were shared in the most idealistic way.  It thrills me deeply.  This venture also suggests to me that the hand of the great Spirit was in the field of our words and deeds, encouraging us to  raise the vibrational level to a joyful ubuntu level in the community.  In retrospect we can see more clearly what our mission along with our passion has become, regarding the work we are called to do together, and separate.
I am overjoyed to receive the invitation to be part of the Ubuntu Heritage Day Team in September.  I earnestly look forward to being able to afford this happening.
I thank you for including me in the Y-Elders WhatsApp Group.  It does keep me informed of the situation which saddens the heart at times. But I do feel the warrior spirit alive and kicking as I look towards how I can play my part against the tragi- comedy that is South African politics.
All my best wishes to you Anne-Lise and to the Ubuntu Team, may the work that you do be rewarding and joyful.


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