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Celebrating Human Rights Day in the Spirit of Ubuntu

Dear Friends,

It is a great pleasure to share with you a very a most special celebratory experience of Ubuntu in action with our mentor and friend of many years, Hazel Carey at Novalis Ubuntu Institute.

On Human Rights Day Novalis, in the company of two groups of primary school children accompanied by their teachers, principals,  deputy  principals and HODs, had the honour of hosting one of South Africa’s great holistic education activists, elder icon, Hazel Carey.

In the morning Hazel invited the children to bring their understanding of Ubuntu by writing to and receiving a letter of reply to each child from Nelson Mandela, father of our nation.

The flame of Ubuntu lives on in these bright young lives as we witnessed the wisdom legacy of Mandela shining brightly through our children. We are inspired  by the fierce sense of pride and purpose they brought to a panel  forum held later in the day.

Our special Human rights community day, graced with musicians, powerful expressions of inspiring poetry and song, concluded  by honouring Hazel with a launch of her book of memoirs, ‘Ubuntu My Life in Other People’.

In South Africa, Africa and the world our focus is on nation building and social cohesion vital to stabilise the chaos we face within our different communities. Hazel’s radical inspired activist life has brought the wisdom and courage that ignites the Ubuntu flame, bringing to life the concept of Ubuntu in the many people she has worked with, both young and old.

It was with great honour we spent this day with a true mentor, and sharing her joy in the young people sharing with their teachers and new friends in owning the intergenerational space of  community.

This was a wonderful opportunity well planned and creatively used, for the youth to help us mobilise the spirit of Ubuntu to build a bright future for all.

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