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e-Pollen Newsletter – Heritage Month & Novalis Ubuntu celebrates 33 years


Novalis Ubuntu celebrates 33 years & Heritage Month



Our e-Pollen Newsletter for Aug / Sep 2017

What an extra-ordinary Year!  We remember a visit by Creda Mutwa some years ago.  He pointed out that there are these special years during which enormous changes and transformation occur, more than usual.  2017? Are you experiencing this?

With many happy celebratory moments during August we met with phenomenal Women, hosted a mini-Women’s Day which included the birthday of our M.D, Anne-Lise Bure.  During the month, we also hosted a full house, the 10th Anniversary of the Rosa Choir. They are part of the Cape Cultural Collective and perform again at Artscape on the 21st September.  During the past month, the 2nd Hand Market did well, and we hugely appreciate the passing on of gifts from the Market to deserving partner organisations in the Novalis network.

To continue reading our e-Pollen Newsletter Click Here. It contains photos of our happenings in the last month and more information on Our Heritage Day event on the 27th September.




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