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Volun-tourism at The Novalis Ubuntu Institute offers you the opportunity to experience being part of a conscious world community. You will experience and engage in meaningful, life changing conversations with the conscious intention to develop and foster social cohesion. The Novalis Ubuntu Institute Volun-tourism experience is about an intercultural exchange, adding value to the lives of all parties equally and setting a platform with which to participate and celebrate playing an active role as a member of a conscious world community.

Opportunities for Volun-Tourism

  • visit community organizations, schools, care-homes and youth projects
  • participate in community development workshops
  • lend support for extra-mural activities in communities
  • initiate activities that will add value to these projects
  • share experiences from similar interventions in own countries
  • donate resources for achieving the impact of the project

By visiting Tenterden Children's Place of Safety and the Pride of Table Mountain hike, I was able to move beyond the beautiful, but tourist focused parts of South Africa I had already seen. I was able to actually get to know some of the people and gain a little more insight into their everyday lives. I was awed by their strength in overcoming difficult circumstances and by their fierce devotion to protecting that which is important to them (both the children and the environment).

At Tenterden, I was first given a tour of the building and the background of the organization. I learned about the way in which the facility ran and the particular challenges it faces, and was heartened by how naturally and generously the staff interacted with the children. I met the children, played with them and tried (and failed) to make pancakes with them. Despite the harsh circumstances from which they had come, they were happy and open, a true testament to the facility.  I was struck by the safe and calm atmosphere - not an easy feat with a gaggle of children running around!

RP, Voluntourist




Roxanne Kotze

Volunteer photographer Roxanne Kotze photographs each of the seven major events held at The Novalis Ubuntu Institute throughout the year.

Roxanne KotzeBased in Cape Town, South Africa, Roxanne Kotze Photography specializes in portrait photography, anything from maternity shoots, babies, children, family shoots, weddings and other events. As part of a photo shoot package, Roxanne also offers unique digitally manipulated images.

Roxanne Kotze Photography, Making memories forever.
Should you wish to have your event or special occasion last forever, contact Roxanne at, 076 620 8921
or visit  Roxanne Kotze Photography on Facebook.

Hanna von Maltitz

Volunteer Hanna von Maltitz assists The Novalis Ubuntu Institute with administration, functions and events.

Hanna has had five art exhibitions at The Novalis Ubuntu Institute. Hanna's paintings are developed out of a play of colour without mental planning and the choice of colour is born from the mood of the day or a movement developing into a gesture.

To contact Hanna, visit the Hanna von Maltitz Facebook page.

Bhanoo Sukha

Volunteer caterer Bhanoo Sukha AKA ‘The Salt Lady’ and owner of Fusion Foods assists The Novalis Ubuntu Institute with functions and events.

Contact Bhanoo at, telephone on 079 796 2726 or visit Fusion Foods on Facebook


Sakhi Sityebi

Volunteer garden contractor Sakhi Sityebi assists The Novalis Ubuntu Institute with the planning and maintenance of the biodynamic vegetable garden.

To contact Sakhi, telephone 083 762 2804.