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Winter Celebrations & Collaborations 2021 e-Pollen Newsletter

Dear Friends of Novalis Ubuntu

We are delighted to bring you updates from our second quarter.   It was busy as you will see from the photo album below and it’s near impossible to share everything from the past three months into this newsletter.  So, we envisage going back to our monthly updates soon.

Highlights definitely were, finishing the Library project from last year, gifting Yomelela Primary School with boxes of books and chairs for their library.  Thanks also to Schulweg.e.V !    Marie kept us going with muffins through the cold and wet winter days.   A memorable highlight was Cape Opera hosting their double feature opera programme  – ‘CurlewRiver and Amagokra’, a fabulous sold-out week-long presentation of their students’ work.   Well done !  We had a special fascination for the replica organ – see photos, and observing it being tuned before performances.  The patrons loved the artistic work, and we do hope that Cape Opera will use our Dome again.

We took the opportunity to repair and maintain things at our Centre, the signboard is almost done, a new R2D2, and the roof is no longer leaking, thanks to the sterling work of Hazel, Henry and Garikayi.

There does not seem to be great pictures from the many trainings offered by eg Tyme Bank and the facilitators from Fire and Medical Department; nor of the numerous memorial services that we were able to host during this period despite public distancing and restrictions.

On a more happy note, we celebrated with Hanna von Maltitz, her 10th annual solo Exhibition Opening, as well as her 70th birthday respectively, as she chose to launch her next publication, an autobiographical journey, entitled ‘Brush Strokes’.   We also hosted David Shuping and Mpo’s African Jazz Band event.  Definitely more of these to come.   We continued to enjoy Second Hand Markets, Talent Markets and a super Civil Society collaborative Saturday event.   For Link-Up news, visit our Link Up Facebook page. 

Anne-Lise attended the launch of the Social Cohesion Advocates programme in the Western Cape with City Premier and Liesl Jansen Department Sport Arts Culture WC, together with other social cohesion advocates, ‘paying it forward locally’.   ‘It always seems impossible until it is done’, asTata Madiba said, and as Anne-Lise reminds us ‘ Ubuntu is a Global Philosophy for Humankind’, this is what we are about. 

We are thrilled to be doing this work together as a Team, we trust that you enjoy our updated news.

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