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A Chance for Every Child

A Chance for Every Child Project is designed to bring together teachers, caregivers, parents, youth leaders, civil society and the relevant government departments to work together to identify the challenges in working with vulnerable and special needs children. The Project is a working model implemented in selected pilot schools and care homes. A Chance for Every Child follows the success of previous Novalis Ubuntu Institute projects Putting the Heart Back into Teaching and the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programme.

Who takes care of the caregiver? People who give their life and soul to bring hope and improve the lives of vulnerable children.

In order to make an impact in the lives of vulnerable children, the caregiver must be healthy in body, mind and spirit.
Our organization, The Novalis Ubuntu Institute provides the A Chance for Every Child holistic education project for adults caring for vulnerable children in South Africa.

We ensure that teachers, caregivers, trainers, social workers, youth leaders and civil society activists are able to give fully, nurture thoroughly and educate effectively without depleting their energies.

Our learning culture is based on Ubuntu, restoring dignity and bringing healing and hope to the people who care for and take responsibility for empowering our next generation.

With over 30 years of experience, our South African based organization is poised to increase its footprint in other developing countries.

We welcome you and invite you to join us on our journey to empower our next generation.

By Bea Juries
Community Development Manager – A Chance for Every Child Project

A Chance for Every Child Enrichment Seminars

The A Chance for Every Child Enrichment Seminars provide caregivers, teachers, social workers and youth leaders with tools and skills to increase their efficacy in caring for and working with vulnerable children. These vibrant and transformative programmes combine experiential learning with assignments and evaluation.

A Chance for Every Child DAWN (Dynamic African Women Now) Women’s Month Celebration.

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute will host its annual DAWN Women’s Month celebration on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017.  The event times are 10h00-15h00.  Registration R100.00.  Refreshments and brunch included. The DAWN Women’s Month celebration is a networking event for the A Chance for Every Child project.   The DAWN celebration is open to the public.  Booking essential.  And remember to dress for a radiant DAWN.

The DAWN event will provide stakeholders in the A Chance for Every Child project, guests and participants with the opportunity to celebrate women’s month.  The day’s programme will feature our dynamic DAWN speakers along with artistic performances and facilitated movement.

Below are images from the 2016 DAWN Event.

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_DSC0946 (2) _DSC0684 (2) _DSC0767 (3)

 A Chance for Every Child – Bright Future Conference 2014

The Conference for A Chance for Every Child took place in November 2014 and was established to (1) report on the activities and developments of the project to a wider audience and (2) identify gaps and possible solutions in inclusive education through wider discussion. The conference was attended by the target group, the stakeholder group, the steering committee, the reference group, the project international partners (SOFIA) and four key partner organizations. A continual live feed of presentations with photographs was posted directly onto the A Chance for Every Child Facebook Page and in the weekly NUI newsletter. As a result the conference targeted 100 participants over the three days. A compilation of conference photographs was also sent via email to all participants.

The conclusion of the conference confirmed that the A Chance for Every Child project successfully assisted in filling the gaps presently existing in the South African education system and that the project would be relevant both in South Africa and the African Continent. It also concluded that by implementing a holistic approach to education overall, the identified gaps within the present education system would significantly reduce.

The second A Chance for Every Child – Bright Future Conference took place on April 19th – 21st, 2016.

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