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Autumn Season Celebrations 2021 e-Pollen Newsletter

Photo courtesy of Lisa Drogemoller
Photo courtesy of Lisa Drogemoller.

Dear Friends of Novalis Ubuntu

This being our first newsletter since last year, we want to THANK YOU, each one of you, for your support gratefully received in so many ways;  vibrational, financial and through endearing friendships extended across many borders to Novalis Ubuntu from many parts of the world.  Thank you for realizing the Sprit of Ubuntu with us.   It has made the difference, Novalis has kept its doors open!

While our social impact has decreased in quantity, it has increased in quality.  Most of our larger projects have been on the back-burner as a small dedicated team of essential volunteer staff enthusiatically showed up to meet the covid year of challenge, demonstrating a resilient courageous commitment – a true testament to ‘Africanacity’.

Lots of change, from our marketing manager, becoming our caretaker and security person for 6 months, to the formation of a new team, rising up with vigor creating a new wave of what’s possible, beyond cultural divisions and lockdown constraints.   The Outreach Project managed to upgrade 2 more Libraries in the impoverished townships of Cape Town with the support from German Friends at Schulweg in Heidelberg, with the Municipality also playing their part.  The Novalis Library project supporting 4 school Libraries now, service over 5 000 children and hundreds of adults who also enjoy using the libraries.   A climate change project is in the works for this coming year. 

Our marketing department managed to publish 2 Link-Up magazines during 2020 with the Autumn issue completing its distribution as we write this news.

Our Autumn Celebrations include our Housekeeper sewing masks and new items under the tutorship of Ilhaam Patel, with our caretaker re-activating his leather craft business and doing well.   Our venue hire manager has successfully completed a ‘design challenge’ and our marketing manager launched an on-line women’s empowerment business.   We celebrate the restoration of our vegetable garden, the new compost beds created during lockdown, and the numerous repairs and maintenance work on our beloved Resource Centre.     We are grateful that our venue hire clients entrust us to host them within the covid 19 parameters, including the two markets, Thrift and Talent exchanges, albeit on a smaller scale.    We have added an article by Avra Richen our new volunteer in the Resource Mobilization Department.

A special shout out to our patrons, staff, volunteers, board members.   Our ongoing donor body, Sunrise Ranch community (Colorado USA), Sofia Association (Sweden), The Wynberg Night Shelter, The Light Centre (Kansas City USA), Schulweg e.V (Germany).

Enjoy this Easter Passover Full Moon Long Weekend,   From the Novalis Team.

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