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Chapter 4 – e-Pollen – Women’s Month Musings

Chapter 4 – e-Pollen – Women’s Month Musings.

What to write about next.  Clearly it’s Women’s Month, and let’s all bring a powerful invocation to all women in South Africa.  This DAY has evoked the heart call from the staff of Novalis over many years: with the past celebrations on the 9th August most years.   The DAWN DAYS (Dynamic African Women Now) were well received and Women were royally celebrated in the many ways possible during our festival conferences.  We certainly felt renewed, restored and re-invigorated.    We found a new belief in ourselves and each other.

With the backdrop of the current ‘stay-away’ caused by the week long ‘Taxi strike’ in the Mother City, our hearts go out to the WOMEN now.   The Mothers, who are especially stretched holding a perfect Life rhythm for their families;  planning and ensuring that meals are served on time; that the nurturing of the family members continues, whilst at the same time, remaining centred and resilient herself, to stay the course.

No small feat !

I am reminded of Nancy Kline’s book ‘ A time to Think’.  Such a wonderful guidance.

‘What is the one thing which, if it were to change, could change everything else for the better ?’  And an answer : ‘The Quality of people’s independent thinking’.

I agree wholeheartedly.   If our thinking is good, our decisions and actions will be, too. So, let’s improve our independent thinking.  This could change everything.

With so many examples bringing answers to the how, I do come back to Nancy Kline, and her thinking environment.   She also gifted us with the TEN ways of Being with each other, naming them the TEN components of a thinking environment.   For a quick recap – here is the list; and if you need to and have time to; dive into her thrilling experiences and explore these components more in-depth.  Easy to find : www.


Listening without interruption and with interest in where the person will go next in their thinking.


Regarding each other as thinking peers giving equal time to think.


Discarding internal urgency


Noticing what is good and saying it


Welcoming the release of emotion


Giving courage to go to the unexplored edge of our thinking by ceasing competition as thinkers


Supplying facts, recognizing social context, dismantling denial.


Championing our inherent diversity of identity and thought


Freeing the human mind of an untrue assumption lived as true.


Producing a physical environment – the room, the listener, your body – that says, ‘You matter’.

So, just for starters then, how about practicing the first component during this month?

The Promise that Changes Everything – I Won’t Interrupt you.

8th August 2023. Author: Anne-Lise Bure-Shepherd


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