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Sustainable Thriving Communities

The Sustainable Thriving Communities Project is a sustainable community development project that targets stakeholders working for and within sustainable livelihoods and thriving communities in the Western Cape. The participants in this project are from two groups: (1) those who are making progress in sustainable development and (2) those who want to learn about the impact of sustainable livelihood and flourishing communities.

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute holds regular Sustainable Thriving Communities Forums throughout the year providing the two participating groups with an opportunity to interact.

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute’s support for sustainable thriving communities, include the hosting of the Cape Town Talent Exchange Market and the Second Hand Group Original Market.

Sustainable Thriving Communities Conference May, 2016

The vision of the Sustainable Thriving Communities ‘Ubuntu Conference’, 2016 was to increase awareness of the impact of global and local sustainable thriving communities. The goals of the conference were:

  • Provide a compassionate, welcoming and dynamic environment for dialogue and new learnings.
  • Enable participants the freedom to explore, experience, learn and grow within empowerment contexts.
  • Build capacity to take skills, values, experience and knowledge out into the community to effect positive change.
  • To encourage innovative, creative and holistic approaches to working with solutions.

Images From The 2016 Sustainable Thriving Communities ‘Ubuntu Conference’.

Sustainable Thriving Communities Project Images