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The Rising of the Inner Sun – become a Sun in your Creative Field – Chapter 1

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The Rising of the Inner Sun – become a Sun in your Creative Field.

I never imagined that I would be called on to write content for blogs.  Even though I have many thoughts about education, adult education, the calling forth of soul qualities engendering fresh new creative thinking needed to solve deep seated fractures in ourselves and also our society,  I have had the privilege to be exposed to many creative and enlighten thinkers on my journey in Life and I am writing from these thoughts and experiences.

I cannot remember a time when creative thinking seemed to be more vital than now. 

So I have embark on an exploration of writing a series of blogs that will hopefully bridge the gap until we are able again to host adult education courses at The Novalis Ubuntu Institute. (

This is where I would like to start –

“The sun nature which for long periods man received only from the cosmos, will begin to shine within his soul.   He will learn to speak of an ‘inner sun’”.  C August 1924.

‘If the outer sun has risen but the inner human sun has not done so, nothing is gained.  It is a significant moment when the rising of the outer sun corresponds to the rising of the inner sun.  This is a real sunrise.’  Peter Deunov in The Sower, 1932 – 33.

These quotes speak to me deeply.

And from a contemporary of mine, David Karchere, from his book : Becoming a Sun…….

‘It is our personal and collective destiny to become a sun – to become on the outside what we already are on the inside; a conscious presence of Universal Love.   This destiny is behind everything we experience as human being, however we interpret it – every passion, every adventure, every challenge, even what might look like terrible setbacks in our life.   Through it all, the core of who we are as a being of Universal Love is shucking off the unnatural limitations that we, as human beings, tend to accept for ourselves.  That core within us seeks to shine freely through us, as us, into the world.‘

David’s premise is this :’The difference between a joyful, fulfilling life and an unhappy, unfulfilled life is conscious awareness and understanding.  When people understand that their personal destiny is to become a sun, and they understand the process by which that becomes a reality, they embrace the experience.  They become a conscious participant in their own destiny.  Without that awareness and understanding they are fighting that destiny.   They feel threatened by the powerful creative urge within themselves to become all they are meant to be, and all they long to experience.

At a collective level, humanity is experiencing a great shift.’

So  far so good ?


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