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Ubuntu Month Fundraising Drive 2022

Sandi Sijake, Anne-Lise Shepherd, Phila Nkuzo, Howard Goodman, Hillyne Jonkerman – Novalis Ubuntu Board.

“There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to helping others without expecting anything in return,” Nelson Mandela.

“Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are on this Mandela Day”, that’s the message from all our local radio station and our managing director, Anne-Lise Shepherd.

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute is encouraging every individual to participate and take up the challenge to give ‘67 seconds, 67 mins, or to create an impact with R67′ or more.

Let’s empower those who are still struggling in areas that are grossly under-resourced – Education, general health and wellbeing, mental health, orphan and vulnerable children, the elderly, the homeless – with the best weapon we have to change the world – EDUCATION.   

The NOVALIS UBUNTU Institute continues to offer adult enrichment, general education, uplift & support for over 38 years through our services, which include :

A Chance for Every Child enrichment programmes for Teachers, Caregivers and Youth Leaders, plus CARE POWER for Social Workers and Carers.  Novalis continues to foster civil society through active partnerships & hosting events at the Centre in Wynberg offering non-profit rates.   Novalis continues to foster economic empowerment by supporting endeavours that assist people to find their right livelihood eg: Thrift Fests, and Complementary Exchange programmes.    The Novalis Ubuntu Resource Centre has been an information HUB since 1995, sharing vital information and ideas that have become ideals for many.  Over the last number of years, Novalis hosted more than 18,000 adults annually offering inspiring ways to unlock creative thinking and living that ensures sustainability, equality, and freedom.

Novalis is generously supported by local and international philanthropists, patrons & friends like you – enjoying, engaging in the reciprocity of Ubuntu.  With a personal donation of R67, Novalis Ubuntu covers the basic costs of one student’s annual learning & teaching materials.

Mandela Day celebrates the idea that each individual has the power to create change and make an impact for a cause they feel passionate about. This day shines a light on the legacy and values of Nelson. Mandela.

We encourage you to take up our common challenge : MYACTIONSMATTER by contributing to Novalis Ubuntu Institute’s 2022 ask: see below.

We thank you for being a part of our Ubuntu Community.

How YOU can support NOVALIS UBUNTU INSTITUTE  for Mandela Day:

Join our community, visit and participate.
Donate time & ideas –

Donate Rands by clicking Here

Create an Ubuntu family challenge, encourage your Ubuntu family & community to donate as well.
Share our social media pages and like them.

How your COMPANY can support NOVALIS UBUNTU INSTITUTE for Mandela Day

Donate a lump sum on behalf of your department/team or organisation
Challenge employees or departments to donate as little as R67 each and Match every donation made by your employees
Check out our wish list and see whether there is anything your company can assist us with.

            Paint products for exterior of our Centre.
            Flooring for our Ubuntu Lounge
            Ceiling for the toilets
            Fireplace for the assembly space
            A motor for our entrance sliding gate
            Security equipment upgrading our existing system
            Volunteering in small and large tasks
            Sewing/painting/gardening…..and more.

One of our many community days – Intergenerational Day with the late Dennis Goldberg


18th July 2022

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