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Unique & Special Peace Concert – Mieko Tsurusawa

Unique & Special Peace Concert
Global Peace builder Japanese singer Mieko Tsurusawa
3 pm- 5pm
Sunday 16th September
The Dome of Novalis Ubuntu Institute
By Donation
021 797 1857
Mieko Tsurusawa is an accomplished Japanese Opera Singer, who is strong candidate singer for 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games.

The singer, 66, has travelled to over 30 countries encouraging world peace through her talent and has sung the national anthems of 45 countries.

Opera singing is the most difficult form of singing that dates back to late 15th century. It involves strong vocal and use of the natural voice without any alteration. And Meiko Tsurusawa received praises for her opera singing from international first-class musicians.

“When I was six years old, I suffered from severe sickness and my half body was almost paralyzed,” she said. “That time I heard a voice from heaven telling me that my mission is to sing. Since then I have considered it to be a spiritual connection and have embarked on my journey of making a difference.”

She plans to visit more developing countries to bring people together through her singing as music is the only power that makes everyone dance to the same beat regardless of the differences.



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