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Novalis Ubuntu 2021 Annual Report

Chairman’s Greeting

Congratulations to the Novalis Team, for achieving extra-ordinary goals during challenging times and for keeping the Ubuntu Flame alive.   Thank you for showing us what a ‘Gifting Economy’ looks like, for your courageous commitment to something larger than yourselves, & for believing and demonstrating the Spirit of Ubuntu in real & practical terms on a daily basis.

Thank you to partners, funders, patrons and friends local and abroad, for believing in us, and for your continued support and recognition of our work……… to read more, click the download button below.

CEO Review of 2021

When comparing years in numbers and figures, it does not make sense when working in a Civil Society and in a ‘gifting economy’. Whilst putting this report together, we were astonished at how much we accomplished with so little.

What did we accomplish in 2021? …….to read more, click the download button below.

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