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The Rising of the Inner Sun – become a Sun in your Creative Field – Chapter 2

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The Rising of the Inner Sun – become a Sun in your Creative Field. (taken from David Karchere’s book ‘Becoming a Sun’ with the author’s permission)

The Sun for Your Creative Field

You find yourself at the centre of a field of awareness.   In that field, there are worlds within worlds, overlapping, and interrelating, all composing the one field of awareness with you at the centre.  Copernicus discovered that the sun, not the Earth, is the centre of our solar system.  Yet, while the sun is at the centre of the solar system, you are at the centre of the system around you.  Your field extends in all directions around you, out to infinity.

Closest to you are your own thoughts and feelings and your own physical awareness.  Moving through this inmost aspect of your creative field is your own life energy – your spirit – ebbing and flowing through thought and feeling and through your physical body.  You have the remarkable ability to change how your energy flows by opening up new levels of awareness in your thoughts and feelings.  No doubt you have experimented with that ability, noticing how you experience life energy differently, depending on what you choose to think and say and do.   This immediate creative field of thought, feeling and physical experience responds to you as you become more conscious of it.  But if you want to gain that awareness, you cannot be identified with this closest dimension of your creative field.  You cannot act as if you are what you think and feel.

You are a sun for your own capacities, which are designed to be filled with your own sun substance – your warmth, your light, your gravity – radiating from the reality of who you are.  In the radiance of the sun, who you are, your body, mind, and emotional realm thrive.

In the stellar nursery, where you are developing as a sun, experiment.  Change the way you enfold your own human capacities. Change the energy that you move through your capacities. Invite yourself to experience something different.  Challenge yourself. Forgive yourself.  See what happens. Find out how different your life is as you are a sun.

Your creative field extends at least as far as your present awareness. It includes the people who are close to you in your life, and the people further away.  To other people, it might seem that you are in their creative field, and for them that is true.  But for you, all these people are in your world of awareness.  You are the sun for them, and they are orbiting in your solar system.  They are in your creative field, and they respond differently according to the energy that is emanating through you. And your energetic emanation changes, depending on what you do with your consciousness.

Most people do not have the awareness that they are a sun, so they do not have an awareness of what their energetic emanation is creating in their field.  There is a trick of the mind that is almost universal in people, hiding this awareness.   People think that their creative field – their body, their mind, their feelings, and the people and circumstances of their world – is causing their experience.  And they believe they are being forced to express themselves the way they are by powers outside themselves.  They believe that their field is causing them to feel what they are feeling, to think what they are thinking, and to speak and act the way they do.

When a person becomes aware that they are a sun, they realize that they have a choice. They do not have to be a slave to their own reaction to their creative field. They don’t have to alter their radiance based on what other people say or do.   The sun can always shine. When a person awakens to this, they begin to notice all the ways they have tended to alter their radiance. They notice how they have created disturbance in their creative field, based on their reaction to it.  They might have acted out in anger, withdrawn, become depressed, and then reacted even more to that disturbance, creating a vicious cycle.

It can be hard to face the way your personal reactions have caused destruction in your field. But because you are a sun, you are becoming more and more aware of your radiation and what it creates in the world.

And you are becoming more and more aware that your world thrives in your warmth, your light, and in your gravitational field.

This knowledge is the key to all leadership, at whatever level.  It is the key for leaders of organizations, communities, families, and countries.  It is the key for living a fulfilled life.   It is the key to happiness.

What your world and the people in it need most from you is for you to be a sun.

Recall a time when you were being a sun.   How did it feel ?

Have you caught yourself choosing not to shine ?

What happens for you when you make that choice ?

Author: Anne-Lise Bure-Shepherd

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