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33 Years

Today I want to mark a 33-year work anniversary at The Novalis Ubuntu Institute.

It has been a remarkable journey, filled with adventures, scary at times, but experienced so many miracles in so many ways.

It’s almost impossible to grasp that 33 years have passed since I entered this creative bold civil society initiative.  I feel proud of the work that has been accomplished by all who came before and offered incredible inspiration and encouragement as well as great teaching to hundreds of teachers.   Having experienced ‘Putting the Heart back into Education’, their lives were changed forever in significant ways, and we have so many testimonies from the many years of ‘enrichment programmes’ offered .  Imagine the ‘play it forward’ to the new generation from this ‘slice’ of teachers that embraced and took in every bread-crumb offered during these experimental years.   Offering applied anthroposophical teaching methods to seasoned teachers and caregivers was not only fun, but humbling indeed.   Most professional teachers were already offering incredible gifts and nourishment to children from severely impoverished areas, and they eagerly responded to innovative and new ideas.

A whole book could be written about all the experiences, from pre-regime change days, through the ‘state of emergency’ for those who still remember those dark days, to the euphoria of the new leaders, and the slow burning disappointment realising that our work in civil society is not yet over.

I guess there is nothing new under the Sun, and yet everyday is an opportunity to make things new. Life continues into a new chapter here, and I am glad to be alive and well, and making sure that this civil society initiative continues to grow in ways that nurture and feed the people who are hunger for real knowledge, wisdom  and true understanding in freedom and full self-expression.    May those new warriors feel welcome here, there is a space for you if you are feeling the urge to create something remarkable, NEW and sustainable in this mighty shift we are in as far as consciousness goes.  

Thank you for marking this occassion with me, Anne-LIse Bure-Shepherd CEO.

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