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The Rising of the Inner Sun – become a Sun in your Creative Field – Chapter 3


The Rising of the Inner Sun – become a Sun in your Creative Field.

Are you Being a Sun for your World?

Writing this blog, it is good to feel and experience the power of the Sun – warming the Cape and drying all the puddles whilst celebrating the blue sky dressed for the day above.

Oftentimes we can feel so small and insignificant. And certainly, the winter clouds seemed thicker this year, and the nights colder, as we discover and create new ways of developing a thriving community. Community has always been the basic nurturing sustaining element here, and the locals will tell you about the mountain, the Mountain of our Mother City that reminds us to stand still and see Life in her. Look Up !

This week, I am celebrating the 33rd-anniversary, working in this civil society sector through The Novalis Ubuntu Institute. It has been an amazing journey and path of discovery. I have found many gifts and capacities I did not realise in myself, but more than that, I have discovered the many inherent fabulous ‘super-powers’ living in people we meet every day.

For the past two days, we hosted and co-facilitated learners from a primary school near-by, grade 6’s with ages 11 and 12; and it was delightful to observe, realise again; and meet the inherent super-powers glaringly showing themselves in this co-hort of growing and developing potential leaders and creators in our midst. The young learners were so interested in our building; why did we build it in this way ; what was it built for ?

I enjoyed sharing with them the journey of this Institute, and reminding them of the invisible ‘super-powers’ alive and living in them, to be actualized and developed for the world they find themselves in now. ‘We are perfectly made’ –  with capacities to think, feel and do the right stuff every day. One learner asked whether the Novalis Centre was an ‘observatory’. Good question ! In many ways, the Centre is an ‘observatory’, with its skylight above, and with this, we can more easily become aware of how the cosmic vibrations of celestial bodies, may influence our capacities to function as we were designed. We are currently so attuned to the material world around us, with little time to honour and wonder at the perfect designs we see in the natural world around us. May we become more attuned to the ‘super-powers’ within us. May we allow the capacity for ‘imagination, inspiration and intuition’ thrive in us, and may we create the world ‘our hearts know is possible’.

May you be inspired by these weekly blogs, and shine in your world too.

Author: Anne-Lise Bure-Shepherd

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