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Chapter 5 – e-Pollen – ‘A Life Sentence’ – it’s matter of consciousness

Chapter 5 – e-Pollen – ‘A Life Sentence’ – it’s matter of consciousness.

We have just experienced a Cape Town City ‘mini-bus taxi-strike’ for 10 days.

We all felt it.   Not just the taxi owners or the city leaders; everyone was impacted.  Thousands of workers could not commute, thousands of learners and teachers also.   Many people stayed in-doors, at home,  almost like during the recent pandemic, for safety and sanity.

How did you manage ?   How did your organization manage with reduced staff presence during business hours ?   How did your consciousness manage ?  How did your physical body manage ?   We noted that so many people fell ill during this time, it seemed like the higher stress levels were taking its toll on the physical bodies.   On top of the erratic load-shedding schedule daily,  the extra demands from the disruptive taxi strike has increased stress levels.

How does resilience work ?  How do we build this capacity as human beings ?

Is it in fact a mind over matter thing ?

Are we not born with the capacity to open to higher intelligences, and would you not also agree, that we human beings, are imbued with multiple intelligences.  Howard Gardner suggested that we have multiple intelligences.

These intelligences get ‘frozen’ or numbed down, when there is too much fear, stress or trauma.     How may we ‘unfreeze and liberate’ these intelligences.

We are designed to think, to feel and to act.    We are naturally designed to respond, to react, to project, and open to new thoughts and ideas.    We are also naturally designed to thrive, live fully, and freely.

The digital scientific paradigm being brought to everyone right now, suggests that we do not have to think for ourselves, but plug into ‘chatGPT’, and a robot will answer all the questions one may have.   Surely, there is a lot of information that would be really super useful if handy, however, human beings must have had some superpowers to even be able to design such robots.   If we spent time just relying on AI robots and not think for ourselves, would that not inhibit our thinking abilities even further?   We could be sinking into an even more desperate paradigm – a ‘Life Sentence’ devoid of freedom, creativity, courage and compassion for ourselves and others?   We could find ourselves in a prison filled with crises, with a ‘Life Sentence’ in prison that is self-imposed.

We are thinking about these aspects at The Novalis Ubuntu Institute.   Especially as we review our educational curricula moving forward.

All our educational programs are created with the premise that human beings are designed to think creatively and embrace ideals in their lives; act courageously; and also develop empathy for fellow travelers journeying in the same time stream as ourselves.  This premise also includes the view that human beings are designed to tap into universal and eternal laws and truths with our super-powers that are as invisible as thinking and feeling.   We are highlighting imagination, inspiration and intuition.   The meaning of these super-powerful capacities are not fanciful or devoid of full Life meaning.   Without a creative imagination, we are unable to think about new solutions to the big crises & problems facing humanity as whole.   Just thinking about ‘climate changes’ and the many opportunities for redesigning and rethinking the right use of available resources is a factor, as the resources we have been using are fast running out.

How do we then prepare a co-hort of educators to open creative minds and hearts focused on new solutions or new ways of turning the devotional cycle that we are in ?

Keep an eye out for next chapters as we continue to discuss our ideas that could perhaps become ideals for us all.

Author: Anne-Lise Bure-Shepherd

13th August 2023.

As this blog goes to be uploaded, we discovered this wonderful article in Daily Maverick.

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