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Autumn Celebrations & Collaborations – First Quarter 2023 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Novalis Ubuntu

South Africans are needing a radical solution to transform a bleak current outlook, not just caused by Eskom load shedding schedules, but also from turbulence politically and economically, and adding climate changes, all bringing unprecedented shifts as we also enter a forced digitalized functionality – from banking to getting identity documents, even entering your child for school, all on digital platforms.  How on earth will the majority of citizens manage this Rubicon shift?

The pandemic forced many people back into survival levels and we all noted the systemic cracks and gaps in our society demanding increased resilience beyond what has been experienced before.   Teachers associated with Novalis, have shared their witnessing of increased challenges in their classrooms, including mental ill-health and trauma outside of their professional intervention capacities as education facilitators.

Through all this, Novalis Team continues to activate vision and flexible capacity to bring you a full news report from the first quarter.    This started with visits from Dag Blakkisrud (Norway) and Jean Baxen (local), long-standing friends. Jean was former Board Member and coined the phrase ‘Putting the Heart back into Education’ in the 1990’s.  Daniela Hart found her way to Novalis visiting from USA to attend a wedding, bought a painting of Hanna von Maltitz and surely will be back soon for another visit.   Gabriela Reinwald (Germany-Schulweg.e.V) re-ignited ‘Non-Violent Communication’ with the Novalis Team, and also hosted a workshop with Mzwandile in the township with teachers and learners. Susan Perrow (Australia) long-standing friend and associate, spent some hours sharing much from her ‘story medicine’ work, that now has expanded globally.

Novalis Centre continues to enjoy associate collaborative coworking with SAILI, Earthchild, Wordworks, 2nd Hand Thrift Markets, Lentec and others who choose to work here, and Hanna von Maltitz launched her 11th Solo Exhibition in March.  We even managed to host an International Hip Hop Audition and Award Ceremony.   There were book launches and other smaller events. Thank you for keeping our wheels oiled.

A special shout-out to CBA and MINDSPRING for assisting us install new phones with inverter and batteries. A huge shout out to Kari Bove and friends through Sofia and Sweden for assisting to realise this vital equipment to our work. 

Outreach work continues as Mzwandile completes the Library Climate Change project in collaboration with Schulweg.e.V. (Germany). We also had a remarkable celebration with Board members, Advisory Board members and former Community Schools Co-ordinator, John Coates with Mr Halbert Hlindazwe, former principal of Bongolethu Primary School. Halbert came to offer his gratitude and respect for the applied methods shared by Novalis team which changed and charged the trajectory of his Life, as well as his colleagues and family, AND the learners at his school over the past 30 years!   No small tribute to Prof Ralph Shepherd and those who caught the vision with him now 40 years ago, as the Board celebrated whilst meeting for the first quarter in March. 

Marketing support by TLC Social has certainly kept us relevant and connected, and the continuation of the Link-Up Magazine, as well as the expansion of its service to smme’s (small medium and micro-enterprises including health and natural wellness practitioners) has been well received. 

Do not miss on the InterFaith and Energy Medicine Conference coming up in April(Local).

A shout out to the volunteer team that keeps Novalis open 7 days a week and working – Emma Mshumpela (secretary), Michele Link-Up administrator), Hazel Suttill (associate volunteer), Mzwandile Sangweni (Library Project), Fatima Osman & Fadeela Ally-Schmidt (A Chance for Every Child) Carol Allies (Housekeeper), Mr Brown (caretaker) and Anne-Lise Bure (managing director), leading the team.   Many other volunteers help out from time to time-Hanna von Maltitz, Roberta Petersen, Rod Witbooi.  Thanks to the Novalis Board!

We are thrilled to be doing this work together as a Team, we trust that you enjoy our updated news.

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